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We’re showcasing our newly designed The Feed iOS App! Check it out and test it out for free of course #podcast #app

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06- Early podcaster and author of podcast book- Rob Walch | Podcast Reporter

Early podcaster and author of podcast book- Rob Walch aka @podCast411 #cool #podcasting

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PR032 – Podcasting Best Practices | Podcasters' Roundtable

Podcasting best practices…who doesn’t want to know that? via The Podcaster’s Roundtable! #podcast #awesome

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Rockin' Libsyn Podcasts: On Style with Jill Seifert - Official Libsyn Blog

Our fabulous featured Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts On Style with @letspeakchic #podcast #fashion

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Bright podcasting/YouTube video lighting for only $170

If you’ve wanted to up-level your video podcasting, here’s a great “lighting” investment via @theRamenNoodle

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Fresh Air Podcast: Audio Analysis … : produceNewMedia

You won’t believe what this guy does to the audio for NPR’s Fresh Air in order to listen! #podcasting #podcast

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Podcast Luminary: The Anomaly Podcast - Official Libsyn Blog

Wanna know how a podcaster keeps podcasting? Get to know priceless insight from @AnomalyPodcast #podcastluminary

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Review: Overcast is a winning podcast app | Macworld

Have you checked out the latest podcast app @OvercastFM? Seems like it’ll be a winner #hottestappintown

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Podcasting News: Sound Levels are Important, Maron vs. Radio

Really great points on why audio quality does matter - at least audio levels

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Libsyn Live #5

If you’ve ever wondered how to #podcast from an Android device: here is everything you need to know! #LibsynLive